n addition to online promotion APP to push the three benefits you know


mobile Internet era, brought a lot of online marketing opportunities, entrepreneurial companies to new media at the same time, convenient positive startups immersed in the infinite through word-of-mouth or Internet, with countless means exhausted all attempts to do online promotion. With the Internet channel entrance and entrance application distribution giant monopoly, traffic has soared, APP online promotion more difficult. In contrast, the line was gradually forgotten to promote – to push, in the growth of the product, but also has an indispensable role in promoting.

a, to bring potential users APP

we often see such a scene, several extension workers put up a stall, and then one or two of them for one side to distribute leaflets, passers-by products, or sweep the two-dimensional code to enjoy preferential, or direct introduction of products, a few people to be responsible for bidding, or send gifts etc.. Wait until there is some popularity, behind the crowd will be more and more, which is to push, one of its benefits is to bring more potential users.

A lot of

products, the audience may not necessarily be in the country, it is only to cover an area of, or even just a school, a small, if the push, will be accurate to the specific area. The scope of online promotion is relatively wide, it can not be as accurate as the push in a small range of promotion.

in addition, compared to online promotion of text and pictures to guide, push more impressive. Many users through personal participation and experience, the product will be more profound impression. For example, the promotion of online registration will send coupons, many users registered it and just want to get the coupon, and the line scan code field can get a drink, to share to other people, for example, take a full circle of friends, for this product, is a kind of indirect communication.

and, on the other hand, online promotion, the timeliness of the push. In general, if the line promotion, when they are interested in the product in the user, they can download and use APP, and do not use the part promptly asked the relevant staff, but for online promotion, many users are not used immediately, problems are only slowly groping.

two, a stronger sense of reality and user experience

In fact, many products are more suitable for

push, take the game for the promotion of their products, objects are Internet cafes, takeaway product promotion object is the catering business, or catering for college students, life classification information promotion targets are the group purchase business, or district residents and so on, to push for their benefits can, face to face, more realistic, the user experience is also stronger.

especially local life O2O, catering, taxi, housekeeping, the promotion is more suitable for push, because it is direct contact with others online, more than just a concept not only, the user experience is completely do not know the specific circumstances, do not know.

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