The origin of instant noodles as told by a gorgeous rap video

first_imgInstant noodles (most often ramen) are the pick-me-up of choice for college students and budget-conscious geeks the world over, but they weren’t always so ubiquitous. Nissin, one of the major brands for instant ramen, recently debuted an anime-inspired rap video detailing the true story behind the origins of the savory snack. And it’s… surprisingly awesome.You can (and should) watch the video below.Pulling heavily from shows like Samurai Champloo, the “Samurai Noodles” video opens with a syncopated back-beat and relaxed Japanese rap set against noir-inspired background art. In the days of post-World War II Japan, after the mass destruction of war and an anemic economy, many were left hungry. They would wait in long-lines at makeshift ramen stalls because it was often the only food available. The pain and anguish of his people sends Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant noodles and founder of Nissin, into a deep despair.“Peace will come to the world when there is enough food,” Ando said. “Only if I can create ramen that can be quickly prepared and eaten at home with just hot water…” So, in secret, he decides to save his people and feed the hungry with easily prepared noodles.Ando built a shed behind his house and worked every day to come up with working formula. His “Eureka!” moment came when he say his wife making tempura, and it helped him realized that he could dehydrate noodles by flash-frying them in oil. In 1958 he finally had a recipe he could mass produce. He founded Nissin and began shipping the first instant noodles — chicken flavored, if you were wondering.last_img

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