RIM faces possible BlackBerry sales ban as Nokia files patent suits

first_imgIt’s only been a few days since analysts announced that they think RIM will be the tech industry’s comeback kid of the year in 2013, and already someone is raining on the parade. Nokia has filed suit against the BlackBerry maker in the US, Canada, and the UK alleging RIM willfully infringed upon patents related to Wi-Fi.In recent times, Nokia has been in the same boat as RIM. Hardware sales figures have been steadily sliding since the rise of the iPhone and Android, and it’s becoming more and more imperative to stabilize finances with residual income whenever possible. Patent licensing deals are one good way to pad the stats.And they’re nothing new to Nokia. In fact, this whole kerfuffle can be traced back to a nine-year-old FRAND deal between the two companies. In the spring of 2011, RIM went to the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in an attempt to get the agreement extended to include the contentious wireless technology. It clearly didn’t go according to plan, and now RIM could find itself in a tight spot.BlackBerry 10 devices are due out early next year, and the OS launch has been penciled in for January 30th. Thorsten Heins has said that it’s not going to slide again, so it appears as though Nokia’s timing is worthy of a Mr. Burns-style “excellent,” and the requisite finger tapping.A sales ban would throw a serious wrench into the works, and even the threat of one should provide ample motivation for RIM to get the situation sorted out as quickly as possible. Imagine the company’s horror if Nokia were to be successful in Canada… and prevent RIM from showing off its latest and greatest on its home soil.More at The Globe and Maillast_img

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