Word of mouth marketing series employer reputation

      what happens in life that we have too much to consider slowly, slowly to think their rules of development, the development of anything is follow the development rules of the society, no one is over this cable to contact us through time and space. Advertising word of mouth is a common form of communication in life, as mentioned above, some of the more typical example, their success is the direct or indirect contact with the user infection. There is so much we can directly contact, such as the Internet in the website structure frame in front of the dense, complex text, spread the language art in daily life, the visual impact of the effects and so on, without exception in the.

      good word-of-mouth will be able to affect the surrounding friends and the outside world of some kind of communication power, this power comes from internal and external factors.

      intrinsic factor

      the internal factor is a kind of internal enterprise and team cohesion of the cultural essence, in the final analysis is an efficient enterprise management system. Some enterprises in the management of thoughtful, always with the staff agreed to the cultural depth to each member of the above ideas, let the enterprise culture and performance to the outside world.

      a friend when talking about their company, always particularly outstanding corporate culture, trying to let us enjoy the essence of this culture, this is a very good comparison, the company is currently in the Internet industry is in full swing of the situation, that is Alibaba. Ali listed is in the forecast period, but not before the internal staff is not out of the Ali nor the media, facing some problems in the management system of Ali public opinion, except for some trivial conflicts brought by the external cover, "Fortune magazine" Ma Yun in the United states. Ma Yun’s management style is not really to try, but I hope that there will be a day, said the old horse often listen to outsiders and employees to play games, such as the recent rise of the "killing game", but every time one of the first out, the reason is more than words. Regardless of the factors, but from which we can comprehend to an extraordinary strength, the current leadership are not time, even if there is no time to do this, mingle with the staff can understand each other, you fought brothers through your personal charm, support your work from a the spirit, this is a personal charm of management.

      for example, in the search field in the Baidu boss, seems to be not listed before everything is calm, but in the listing after just two years, all kinds of public opinion from numerous door to door mail blog upgrade to four executives leaving without a revealed lightning, a kind of management this is perhaps, given the pressure from investors, eager to performance. Headquarters in Beijing

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