In China One Tweet can Cost You a Year in a Labor

first_imgchina, the worst country in the world*, recently sentenced a 46-year-old woman one year in a labor camp for a sarcastic tweet. or as they call it “disturbing social stability.”back in october, cheng jianping under the twitter wangyi09, rt’d a post from her fiance hua chunhu with a few words of editorializing. the post mocked chinese protesters who smashed japanese products during a recent demonstration.eleven days later, on the day the couple planned to marry, ha chunchi was taken away by police from his office. he was released five days later, only to find that cheng was missing. family members told him the police had taken her away the same day they came for him. she was sentenced to a year in the henan province labor her twitter feed, cheng has also supported imprisoned nobel peace prize laureate liu xiaobo.via cnn* there are certainly more dangerous totalitarian regimes out there, but china is the only one who is a true emerging super power. one which has a near-unbreakable symbiotic economic relationship with the west. one which national american politicians refuse to publicly condemn due to the sheer amount of economic debt china holds. if china wants to be a true global player, they are  going to have to break away from their backwater mental shackles and grow up. this is some unnecessary third-world stuff.last_img

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