No winners in French derby in Nantes

HBC Nantes and PSG Handball played 26:26 (15:14) in third match of EHF Champions League TOP 16. The French derby was very interesting in front of 4.400 fans, which didn’t celebrate success of home team at the end. Nantes was lead by Spanish right back Gurbindo (6 goals), while Nedim Remili had his shooting performance on high level with the same number of goals for team from Paris who was without Nikola Karabatic (gastroenteritis).HBC NANTES – PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN HB 26:26 (15:14)Nantes : Dumoulin (10 saves), Siffert (3 saves); Lagarde, Gharbi, O. Nyokas (4/9), Claire (3/6), Nyateu (3/4), Klein (2/2), Tournat (4/4), Feliho, Derot (0/3), Matulic (1/2), Delecroix, Gurbindo (6/7 dont 3/4 pén), Balaguer (3/4 dont 1/2 pén), PechmalbecParis : Skof (1 goal), Omeyer (14 saves); Genseheimer (7/11, 6/6 pén), Mollgaard, Accambray, Stepancic, Kounkoud, Barachet, Rémili (6/8), Abalo (2/3), L. Karabatic (4/5), Hansen (6/11), Narcisse (1/2), Nielsen, Nahi ← Previous Story Telekom Veszprem win in Zagreb to come closer to TOP 8 Next Story → Martin Hausleitner will be new EHF Secretary General!

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