Alternative ways to promote new sites

first statement, I am not in the website promotion on doing a lot of work or get too much interest, then I am not a SEO master, just a simple web programmer, just because there are some views, simple out egg throwing over please go, we’re far. Nearly no resentment not really when, send flowers, not too warm, I am nothing good, just a little, to grasp their own too, to tell the truth, I really can not afford to everybody that is this flower, their weight well, you have to think, just give me the top. Oh, about half a day, to the point.

many people are in the site, if you write the code that would be easier, if some structure template itself is very scientific, what TITLE ah, KEYWORDS ah, they have almost done, especially those famous CMS such as PHPCMS, DEDE, PHP168, such as bees, empire or, like PowerEasy forum, network forum, the PHPWIND, so I don’t go here for ink, emphasis is just on the line of the station how to do from the search engine login, web traffic increases, the information collection, viral promotion, pyramid style promotion, free software promotion of the six cycle of deception to describe some dirty or even despicable. "Despicable" these two words I do not bring emotional color ah]

a search engine landing

The importance of

do not need to say, recommend the software, "V8.0.Rar" landing Jones cracked version, the software has stored four hundred or five hundred Chinese search engines and thousands of English search engines, although usually half is not successful, but after a short hours to submit your site to seven hundred or eight hundred search engines it is quite a good thing, this software version online is a lot, but really can not, I do not know how to be hit himself a down has been good, I usually use, in order to prevent everybody on the Internet if you really can not find this situation can be used there, I have the software to upload to a website to me, you can be very convenient to download.

download site: www.logo1024.com

download column: Download

file name: Submit to SE

dirty level: 1

note: 1) IIS must be closed in advance;

2) WEB.EXE must not forget to start;

3) operate strictly according to readme.

      two. Site traffic increased by

is around the post, Links, paid advertising effect very much, but these speak some dirty and this paper deviates from the free theme, still.

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