Security Council establishes UN integrated support team for Sierra Leone

Acting on the request of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the Council unanimously adopted a resolution to establish for one year, beginning on 1 January 2006, the UN Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL), which will work closely with the Government to root out the causes of the conflict and promote consolidating peace by addressing deficits in governance, human rights observance and the rule of law.In his latest report this month, Mr. Annan said that although there had been significant progress in consolidating peace in Sierra Leone since the end of the conflict in January 2002, many challenges remained and strong support by the UN was needed to help the Government and people of the country address the “complex set of issues” that could hamper reconciliation and long-term development.The Council decided that the office of integrated national and international staff would also assist the Government of Sierra Leone in promoting a culture of peace, dialogue, and participation in critical national issues, including through building an independent and capable public radio capacity; and in developing initiatives for the protection and well-being of youth, women and children.It would also work with the Government towards building the capacity of the National Electoral Commission to conduct a free, fair and credible electoral process in 2007, enhancing good governance, transparency and accountability of public institutions, and developing a national action plan for human rights and establishing the national human rights commission.The Council also decided to request Mr. Annan to continue planning for security for the Special Court for Sierra Leone, which is mandated to try those “bearing the greatest responsibility for serious violations of international humanitarian and Sierra Leonean laws” committed in the territory of Sierra Leone since 30 November 1996.

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