Soul you have to know the soft skills

ha ha, on the Internet, can not restrict anyone to do anything. This few days a lot of thought has written several articles, I also very hard, very hard to introduce the principle of search engine, but my results, I have written things, free for everyone to share, you can take a reprint of related fields will affect your weight? The article is false then allowed, but many people have lost the pseudo fundamental value of this article, so even if you are reproduced, some people will go to your site to read your article? A lot of things I want you to think in the long run, don’t do a lot of things in order to increase the influence of user reading and Baidu collection. You know, we are not in love with the search engine, we are in love with the user. The search engine is only an intermediary, the user enters your site from a search engine, find your content did not read, ask the next time the user will come? Is the core of the user experience, so I hope you reproduced in my article, please don’t fake too much, I beseech you also treasure the fruits of labor. The trouble with a reprint of the relevant domain, so I will continue to write and share power. If everyone is willing to do so, then I write the article meaning? I hope you understand, these words are my words from the bottom of the heart, you may think I’m babbling. But I hope you understand.

today and we talk about soft Wen skills.

1 Title: a lot of webmasters in the website A5, push a, the Chinese webmaster online face soft Wen, the reason is that soft Wen can bring stability in the chain, and Baidu related domain. So many benefits to attract a lot of people began to write soft. So, the core is the title of soft wen. The ancient China have a very wonderful parable: crested, leopard tail, pork stomach. In the ads, I think is the title must be attractive crested.

so, what are the general title written


1.1, headline news: send the message you want to convey in the format of the news release.

1.2, title suspense type: set some suspense, cause the reader’s curiosity, to guide readers to seek results of the title.

1.3, the question of the title: the use of rhetorical questions to arouse the reader’s curiosity. For example: do you really know what SEO is?

1.4, the title narrative with direct express way to tell the user the core content, which does not tolerate.

There are many ways to

titles, but no matter what kind of use, the ultimate goal must be clear, that is, to attract users to enter your page to read your article. Is your content and essence, the contents of the wonderful users to see your title do not want, it is no good.

2 text: the article must reflect the ideas you want to express, and your views. And in-depth analysis of what you say. Let users interested in reading your article. Cannot >

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