Moroccan Minister Calls For Continued Public Assistance of Youth of 18

Rabat – Minister of Solidarity, Family and Social Development, Basima Hakkaoui has called for the continued care of children living in public assistance institutions after they reach age of 18.During a talk entitled “Keeping up with children of public assistance institutions after the age of 18,” held on Friday at the headquarters of the ministry, Hakkaoui called on public assistance institutions to continue to provide services for youth after they reach 18, the age when institutional aid normally ceases.Hakkaoui said that all the civic activists, association and the international organization must engage in the formulation of proposals and laws regarding the issue of youth over 18.She noted that initiatives already taken by associations to care for youth over 18 were only “impromptu and not regulated,” and could not be generalized nationally, since they were “not based on a standard basis that would enable other associations to work based on it.” The minister went on further to call on the House of Advisors to ratify the bill N. 65.15 of the public assistance associations to deal with deficiencies of the system is related to the adoption of the abandoned children.Hakkaoui noted that since 2013, the ministry has been working towards further protection of such children.

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