Child care website promotion which set the wolf

website promotion is the most important part in the development of the site, so webmaster for website promotion are paid special attention to promotion is able to show up, money money, powerful output. In the next two no money, no time, no three endurance, the standard "brain", had to point a distorted mind, draw on the path, based on the previous experience, summed up the house, set the wolf yinshechudong promotion law etc.. Some practice and promotion methods of the main sects and some are even totally different, erratic, but can achieve wonders. Today, I break the arena rules, I will summarize the promotion of nirvana to you one by one. Today to talk about the first recruit: the son of the wolf sets.

as the saying goes, the child can not bear the wolf, to attract users to visit your site, be sure to others want, and you can not afford to take things out. A good site, the most coveted than the site’s source code. I use the site is currently very advanced video talent system can not only take pictures online, you can also online video recording, a lot of people look after it and then think quickly. A heavy righteousness, to barter, or the purchase price, some people want to free possession, lost to all sense of shame, some people even dig cave ramming hole, the storm is hard. At the beginning, I will stick to firmly refused, as the protection of chastity as cherish their source. First, if the source of the site to worry about leaks, the security of the site will pose a threat, two are worried that others make the same station, will compete with their own.

but after careful consideration, I gave up the above concerns: security, since the source has been provided out, others will not be interested in your station. For competition. Because of the success of a website, the source is not the key factor, the domain name of the site, the brand, the name of the search engine, user awareness, etc., will not be lost because of the open source. However, the benefits provided by the source code is greatly reduced to the core is the two points: traffic and ranking.

one is to increase the site of the chain. SEO know the comrades know that the chain can be good things, the quality and quantity of the chain determines your site’s PR, the site’s ranking, and thus affect the flow of your site, and ultimately affect the survival and development of the site. If you provide on the website code, can increase your links, then put out these links in the code, like the seeds grow everywhere spread everywhere. This is more than you ask elder brother elder sister to ask people to link to save time and effort.

two is increased traffic. For those who treasure the webmaster, must spend some time on your station, will often visit your site, then you will get a lot of steady flow, while the flow is not necessarily true of your users, but it can improve your Alex ranking, there will be growth in the statistical figures satisfaction. And you see the advertisers would be satisfied.

here, I would like to ask, the webmaster, do you have a few willing to put out their own procedures and share a >?

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