Picasso teaches you how to sell your overnight event marketing

as long as you do not find hard to observe, event marketing due to less investment, large output, high yield characteristics, has been as a number of small and medium enterprises and individuals are keen on the form of advertising.

but specifically how to plan to achieve the desired results of the event marketing


how to use the least cost to obtain the best event marketing effect, and even overnight fame?

spent three minutes of time, carefully watching an unknown here for you to share the Yuanji’s first case, and you will understand the real existence.

this case the hero called Pablo · Ruiz · Picasso ", he is the founder of modern art, the main representative of western modern art, the great artist Picasso". Spanish nationality, born in October 25, 1881, died in April 8, 1973.


figure: Picasso personal image

although he has left us, but his work has created one after another miracle.

in May 11, 2015 his oil painting "Algiers woman (O version)", with more than 179 million U.S. dollars "astronomical" transaction, hit a new high price of art auction.


figure: shoot $179 million "Algiers woman (O version)"

before June 23, 2016, his work "woman sitting in a chair" (Femme Assise) has also been to 43 million 300 thousand pounds, the highest price has become the global cubist paintings.


figure: shoot 43 million 300 thousand pounds of women sitting in a chair

Other miracle

created his works, not by Yuanji’s first listed, you can search to see understand.

but you never think of such a famous painter of fame, once had a past cannot bear to think of the past.

before and after 1900, when he first arrived in Paris, no one knew him. He is just one of many young people in Paris by painting for a living, and that the owner of the gallery Paris France also most just some arty business people, they are willing to put some masterpieces in the gallery in the lobby at the time.

did not lead to the above reasons, a little known Picasso, around the wall, poverty.

until the most difficult time, he left only 15 silver coins. If he doesn’t sell his paintings, he had to leave France Paris back home. "

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