Zhou Hongyi was scolded everywhere Zhou Hongyi was a kind man

  999roses: Zhou Hongyi’s notoriety as the thunder deafening, wurenbuxiao. He is a rogue godfather, is a heinous person. He should have died, death and decay.

excuse me, I copied the three words of Zhou Hongyi, I listened to the host announcer was at a meeting, he really know that the pronunciation of the name. I would like to ask those who searched with very vicious language to scold him, you know how to pronounce his name


I before the meeting, thought he was ugly as a pig, superhuman powers, journey to the west is inside the monster, everyone has the right to punish. To see him know that he is in fact everything is normal, people imitate people. He’s not being scolded, he lives well.

DoNews has already become a shrew place, you and the others there, you ran out to scold 1. This time Zhou Hongyi scold people, old enmity New Resentment, can be heard without end. I really can not see, feel sick. So against. A estimates have also started to scold me. Fortunately, I love small fry scold scold, you!

  Admin5 users: Personal Internet attack is often the case, for companies and individuals to attack various languages, rogue attack too much, easy to put people down, so many famous people have chosen silence, choose stealth, choose silence.  

the curse to others to death, because of being scolded. Who feel irreconcilable hatred with
I think in socialism today, a company manager, will not do so
. Otherwise, to escape the public security of the hunt. So
since it is, is a rogue your article is reflected in the atmosphere, is devoid of tutor vent.

it can really play a role should the
of course, to use the normal market means.

. If there is no or not when twenty-first Century.
A Q Poor ah.

ali: "the IT website, you are the love you love to the home page, they scold, they fight, they kill them, XXX, get bigger, you click on the more high, now the elite media can only rely on these articles make headlines to attract. Eye, see reduced donews  sigh, sigh.

goog: unspoken rules are not personal attacks, why many people want to

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