M record the way to the listing of the nternet domain name


China Internet trading services company 5173.com has submitted a listing application to the Hongkong stock exchange, which is following the 360.cn listed on the NYSE after another to the digital domain name listed on the road, seems to have become the Internet Co listed target, listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, listed on the Hongkong stock exchange, currently has more than 47 Internet the company listed below to see these Internet Co listed on the road to the domain of what


has been listed in the domestic Internet Co, the domain name of the domain name has been, there are Pinyin domain names, digital domain names, letters, domain names, domain names and creative domain name, etc..

listed companies look Pinyin domain name


Pinyin domain name is the most acceptable and promotion of domestic domain name enabled one type of phonetic domain occupy more than digital share in these listed Internet Co, such as domestic dominance in the field of search engine Baidu baidu.com, "Baidu" is a word from the "dream for her thousands of degrees, the high visibility of baidu.com domain name. B2C domain Alibaba alibaba.com, which is a listed Internet Co only four spell domain name. Domestic well-known game providers perfect space-time wanmei.com, wanmei.com domain name registration in 2001, now has 10 years of registration history.

also has listed Internet Co also known as youku.com youku.com, youku.com domain name was registered in 2002, the same, the video industry of listed companies as well as tudou.com tudou.com, tudou.com domain name is acquired early tudou.com. Sina is a listed company, sina.com.cn can be regarded as "Si Na" Pinyin, the Sina micro-blog weibo.com has become the hottest social product, in listed companies also have social networking sites, such as renren.com renren.com, renren.com domain name is a domain name on Diepin, Lang Lang mouth good mind, choose another Pinyin domain name of listed companies there is air network kongzhong.com.

creative domain name into listed companies choose


creative domain has become an innovative choice of all walks of life in the industry, the Internet companies can also see the presence of such domain names. Grand sdo.com, s is Sheng Sheng Pinyin abbreviation, do Da is a homonym, Ctrip Travel ctrip.com, trip words, domain name registration in 1999, with 12 years of registration time, the recent exposure of Ctrip bought double spell domain name xiecheng.com, the giant network ztgame.com, search engine Sohu sohu.com. >

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