Emoji has become a popular marketing tool but want to win by Emoji can not do

have recently found that Emoji new expression in Mexico tacos? You know you want to launch Emoji Pepsi Cola this summer? Emoji has become the most popular marketing tools nowadays, but to win the war, can not rely on Emoji.

in November last year, Guinness in Dublin’s Open Gate winery officially opened to the public. Guinness’s senior brand manager, Elissa McGee, wanted to expand on the Twitter, but she found something that was a little bit of a jam: there was no black beer in Emoji.

There are more than 1000 Emoji smartphones on the

standard, but the beer is only light colored. In June last year, the League issued 79 candidate Emoji expression, including avocado, milk, denim, etc., but there is no black beer. Now Guinness is trying to add beer in Emoji expression. The application process does not need to pay, just submit the application and get permission.


Mcgee says "Guinness is a protracted war". She understood that the reunification of the league is more difficult than the direct creation of the brand’s own keyboard, it may take many years; but Guinness adhere to this strategy. Guinness is not the first to play Emoji strategy manufacturers. As early as before the opening of the brewery in Dublin, many brands began to actively use Emoji and other common symbols to narrow the distance between consumers.

"new interpretation of" consumer psychology (Decoding the New Consumer Mind) author, psychologist Kit Yarrow of this consumption analysis: "rational thinking good advertising is always good at avoiding consumers, more dependent on visual effect, incitement to their emotions. Therefore, the brand is one of the channels of communication with consumers is clever use of visual stimulation, and now more popular is Emoji. "

Dove launched in December last year, "Love Your Curls" Emoji, but from the application store to download to use. The Emoji received great acclaim, many want to express their own hair comes with a wave volume users are very love. Taco Bell launched on the Taco Emoji (Mexico corn roll expression) petition activities received more than 32000 users of the signature support So the unified code alliance in 2015 to add a Emoji expression in Mexico corn roll, although the union said the petition did not actually play a role in the Emoji screening process. Eggo want >

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