The domestic Twitter website in October will take the first investment

                  July 7th message, according to the risk of investment in the domestic blog site VCExpress.CN reported that the domestic Twitter website to get the first pen to invest time in October of this year, the amount will not exceed $5 million. The blog also said that the investment will be based on the dollar fund investment, the fund does not enter the fund.

below for the blog report full text:

Twitter in the United States has become a fanatical pursuit of the object, and even Facebook that year’s scenery is not necessarily comparable to it. British Financial Times reported that Microsoft and Facebook have recently announced a major initiative to deal with the growing popularity of Twitter’s extensive impact on the internet. Microsoft’s Bing (Bing) search engine will support active search support for Tweets Twitter, the first search engine to support Twitter information search. The Facebook in their own site to add a similar Twitter even if the broadcast service.

now, the spread of new technologies faster than ever before, Twitter in China also received similar treatment in the United states. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic cottage version of the Twitter model has emerged more than a dozen companies. Fanfou, jiwai, mutter, Fanfou, drop and other companies have appeared in the market, even Tencent has also begun eyeing this market, launched its website Taotao (Ian).

from the reaction of venture capitalists, because Twitter has not yet found a clear profit model, so there is no case in the Chinese market financing. However, many VC said they have started to pay attention to the market, and has the same number of Companies in this industry were in contact, but because the Chinese Twitter market too early, risk investment has yet to test willingness. From the data alone, Twitter on China’s visit in the world ranked seventh, about less than 2%. Twitter in the world’s average access to IP is about 19 million, the average daily PV1.4 billion, currently ranked first in the world’s top 15.


emerging technology enterprises will experience Hype Cycle (hype cycle) model, based on this model, the Twitter website China, is still in its infancy, participants are less, the competition is not fierce, everyone in the market, Zhanshanweiwang stage. According to the forecast, in accordance with the current Twitter in the United States has accelerated the trend of development, the second half of this year, the Chinese version of the Twitter development will rise to many stages of market entry.

VCExpress.CN analysis, the Chinese version of the Twitter to get the first investment should be

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