Xinjiang today gradually restore some of the site’s access to business December 28 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter He Zhanjun) December 28th News Office of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people’s government issued a notice, from 28 on the 24 (Beijing time) to open the relevant communication business gradually, to restore the first users of Xinjiang, limited access, and according to the relevant circumstances, step by step on the recovery of other sites and access the Internet business, and open mobile phone short message and the international long-distance telephone service.

announcement said, Urumqi "7·" 5 "incident, as soon as possible to quell the situation, the stability of the situation, the autonomous region of the Internet, mobile phone short message and other means of communication to implement local control. In fact, in a timely and decisive implementation of the communication control, for the effective disposal of "7· 5", plays an important role in the maintenance of the stability, but also the normal production and life of the region has brought a lot of inconvenience, people of all nationalities from the maintenance of social stability, to the understanding and support.

announced that, at present, the overall situation in the autonomous region smoothly, autonomous region Party committee, people’s government after careful study, and report to the approval of the Central Committee, decided in accordance with the "gradual open" principle, since December 28, 2009 the gradual recovery of related communication services, to meet the needs of economic and social development needs of communication, people of all nationalities convenient life.

announcement that, due to the opening of the communication control is carried out step by step, after December 28th, there are still part of the communications business is not open, can not be used properly, please understand and support. Autonomous Region will take into account the maintenance of stability and economic and social development situation, and gradually restore the communications business.

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