M 3 will no longer be rumored smartphone wave or will be set off again

along with the technological innovation, the phone is also facing a time of renewal, each time the technical innovation, will be a lot of people’s attention, the wave of mobile update is constantly hit. M 3 is going to be on the market. Millet company will be the date of the conference (September 5th), the network exposure conference, m 3 will no longer be rumors. However, the price of rice and 3 meters and other smart phones and 2S compared to enhance the performance of space may be a lot of friends are very concerned about.

m 3 will no longer be rumored

for Rice noodles, this will be a good news to the official website of millet found that millet company conference tomorrow (September 5th) will be held in the conference, or to launch mobile phone 3 meters, 3 meters so far, will no longer be rumors, for it can come out, is a big innovation technology. Or that can meet their long-awaited wish Rice noodles.

meter 3 can lift the smartphone wave

with innovative technology, intelligent mobile phone replacement rate is also accelerating the pace, the same millet company does not lag behind others, in April 6, 2010, millet was established; in August 16, 2011, millet mobile phone turned out; in August 16, 2012, millet mobile phone 1S, mobile phone debut 2 meters; in April 9, 2013, 2S released millet mobile phone, millet mobile phone 2A in July 31st, mobile phone released red rice. September 5th, millet 2013 annual conference is coming, the wave of smart phones can be set off again by the meter 3. For millet conference, the author and we look forward to, in a timely manner to focus on A5 Adsense network for this part of the news update.

m 3 release and the relationship between the webmaster

you may see the subtitle will ask: what’s the relationship between the 3 meters and released the webmaster? In fact from m 3 release and the webmaster Never mind, but the relationship of millet company operating strategy and marketing method and the webmaster. For the Lei marketing strategy mentioned in my previous article, not go into here. The following first for personal webmaster do a survey, do not know if you are rice noodles, although do not know the results of the survey. But I believe there is still a part of the personal webmaster is rice. However, what the performance of M 3, we can only wait for the millet conference to be announced, everything else is false, fictional, illusory.

3 meters will no longer be a rumor, it turned out, whether it will be able to once again set off a heat wave of intelligent mobile phone, however, marketing strategy of millet company is also worth our webmaster friends to learn about, millet marketing strategy, webmaster friends can refer to another article I, here are related. In this, and rice together with the expected 3 m release also hope that the majority of webmaster friends can smoothly reach the ideal shore.

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