f the loss of Baidu and Alexa three days

      set down the questions, I can not help but think I had learned in school, the article, if I lost three days light like, when also wrote, if I were the mayor, if I were the chief, now not if, because I am a webmaster.                                          


      BAIDU in front of the heroic martyrdom of the webmaster said that if Baidu is not strangulation, you will not be able to realize the real meaning of the establishment of life, was the day, you will cherish every detail, and don’t care about Alexa ranking, the line is no longer full line, K webmaster and I think, if three days, no Alexa and BAIDU, what should I do.                  

      A and B lost the first day, I have some confused, familiar with the Domain/Link/Site has completely lost utility. Look at all 10 Fen of the B, only show sorry, did not find the "site:xxxxx" related pages. Used to greet A and B days, and now feel like no one tube of the child, do not know how to spend spare time, regret to say too early to break up, calm down, accompanied by their own cigarettes and beer. Can not find your ALEXA ranking, at webmaster statistics CNZZ ranking, when the right to use, how to have the heroic utterance behind, I study what is several thousand years old, it seems the road careful analysis, adjust the structure of the site itself, only a few of the BAIDU data will make you a little dim.                  


      loss of A and B on the second day, I have had some habits. I began to increase the flesh of each article and the data collected, farewell, began visiting each small site to find fresh. With the lonely site to comfort each other, sniff at QQ friends promotion become my main direction, listen to the others how to make money, entertainment, indignantly also participated in the anti BAIDU alliance, but found himself may be reduced to their targeted advertising object. There are so many people who talk to me about Crazy rape BAIDU and ALEXA, but very

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