Ali PO valuation or less than 100 billion

this is really an eventful spring China electricity supplier industry: on the thirty night, the Jingdong in the United States to submit F1, announced the launch of IPO; but more than a month down, said the roadshow is not smooth, and invited the Tencent (0700.HK) in emergency; in the outside world that Jingdong when will smooth IPO last weekend, Ali a paper announcement, announced the launch of the United States listed issues. Listed on the listing announcement chant, what? Provide direct F1 not good. Obviously, Chinese business circle are going to die with no concern dull remarks endlessly, don’t want to live the way.

circle in the Jingdong and the Tencent "" a heaven-made match in an article pointed out that the Jingdong’s current financial data is not a best time, listed the main reason to worry is the external force of circumstances, which is one of the reasons can catch before Ali listed. And now Ali sing such a, who first who still suspense.

many people think that Ali IPO valuation of more than $100 billion, and may reach $150 billion, a circle of competence (AbilityCircle) reservations on these predictions, there are four reasons: 1 the most imaginative financial services are not in the listing of the assets of the listed company; the 2 structure is too complex, the outside world is not easy understanding the business model and the business model itself has no small risk; 3 Alipay asset transfer events that the horse lost a lot of credibility, and Ali B2B business in Hongkong is also to the capital market delisting leave a bad impression; 4 electricity market competition is very intense, there is no time to a foregone conclusion the position is not as strong as iron, ali.

on Friday, the snowball finance invitation, Tencent and Jingdong mall cooperation made an interview, which involves the Chinese electricity supplier industry competition pattern, here, and I will interview as a main content sharing:

Echoshao: what’s the impact on the competitive landscape,


A: Chinese B2C business circle is divided into two factions, one faction represented by Tmall, only the platform do not self; another class represented by Jingdong, from self started doing platform. The future will blend.

I think Tencent shares will have a profound impact on the electricity supplier competition pattern. In recent years, the rapid development of China’s e-commerce market, who can quickly occupy the market, especially the key. Ali has obviously accounted for the opportunity.

Jingdong mall provides differentiated services, which is its advantage. But while doing the first electricity supplier, but still lack of scale, operating leverage is not enough. To achieve the scale effect, it is necessary to expand the size of the user and category expansion.

is now a very high cost of access to new users, Jingdong is a huge challenge, Tencent is expected to solve this problem.

we can imagine, if the Jingdong has the same size of the active users of Ali, then what will happen to the industry, >

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