Gaopeng is confirmed from Suzhou Railway Station to dismiss staff layoffs

February 22nd news, today there is news that the group purchase site Gaopeng from Suzhou Railway Station and dismiss all employees of NetEase technology call Gaopeng confirmed, Gaopeng PR said the company does in layoffs, but the specific areas in which withdrawal station refused to disclose information.

it is claimed that Gaopeng has determined the withdrawal of Suzhou station, to all the staff issued a dismissal notice, and do not pay Suzhou office rent. This is following the 2011 layoffs after the storm, Gaopeng again withdraw station layoffs.

‘s on-line since February 2011 has been a concern, Gaopeng by Groupon, the Tencent industry win fund and Yunfeng fund to build a joint venture. Through the strong expansion and paid poaching, Gaopeng was established at the 120 City teams of up to 3000, but in Chinese still suffered The climate does not suit one.

due to problems facing profit and strategy by the end of 2011, Gaopeng large-scale withdrawal station and layoffs. It is reported that the number of employees to be cut to 50%.

then, because the abolition of employees compensation, there is a period of time since the company is facing many labor arbitration and lawsuit compensation. Gaopeng said in the latest statement, to meet the requirements of the law have to pay.

at the end of 2011, Gaopeng appointed the first CEO Yang Chengjian, previously, Gaopeng has served as operations by COO Ouyang Yun.

[responsible editor: Meng Ying]

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