The bear trend Chanel children’s clothing brand fashion choice

now, children’s clothing market, has been very hot. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the children’s clothing market, no doubt, is very wise, very trustworthy best choice. How to bear children’s clothing brand chanel trend? The strength of the brand, entrepreneurial worry free!

bear children draw inspiration from Chanel trend in the fairy tale, with children as the carrier, with wisdom, dress up in childhood, with childlike innocence of enlightenment. The bear’s Chanel designed to meet the needs of children childlike innocence, represents a kind of beyond borders, ethnic and age of the dream. I hope the children feel the Chanel bear from the fairy tale wisdom, courage, creativity, love and sharing, and strive to create a fairy tale world for them. read more


Franchise franchise fraud some of the features you know

a lot of people want to get rich, results, not to get rich, but was cheated a lot of money! Here, I made a summary in recent years by the media exposure of the case, some companies involved in the fraud part of the criminal cases, found that they have the following characteristics:

1. enterprise set up time is short. Because of fraud (fraud) will often be found in a short period of time, the company operating period is not too long (generally not more than one year), in order to avoid civil liability and criminal liability, fraud (fraud) operator will quickly disappear with the. In addition, fraud (fraud) have no patience, no ability to launch a time tested project, therefore always wrap a "good project", the "flicker" and wantonly misappropriating leave quickly, leaving only a shell company. read more


Doll business to make money selling female college students

doll everywhere, now 80’s 90 after 00 is put it down, and creative DIY doll is a great market, so the female university students began his entrepreneurial journey.

doll, the market should be common, especially girls, can really love the doll, so a female students would find such a business, making up the doll, she start empty-handed, earned the first pot of gold of life, let’s look at the successful case.

According to the service life of read more


Common mistakes in brand marketing

when buying goods, brand awareness is very strong, if it is to do business to do such business, is not very easy, more and more channels of brand marketing, but the change of marketing channels of the contact point will interact between user and the participation of the brand influence, this the marketing even experienced marketers will inadvertently hurt the brand user experience for everyone to share the following examples and comments, we can see oh!

1. abuse user survey

case description: I believe that many people have encountered such a situation, when visiting a website only a few seconds, suddenly jumped out of the pop-up window lets you jump, and the purpose is to ask you to participate in a survey for the marketing staff, have become accustomed to, but from the user’s perspective, in they simply have no experience before allowing them to submit the investigation information, this is not nonsense! read more


Full automatic vending machine is to enter the white collar workers

transformation of traditional catering industry is an imperative trend, various well-known brands catering style all their own, some in-depth research on the Internet, some special brand of war. As the frozen food in the three leading brand is narrowing the marketing object, to enter the white-collar workers.

white-collar catering market potential, launched a fresh Sanquan food vending in the field of machine digging, although at the early stage of propaganda into a larger, but still have a positive and optimistic attitude towards the future development. read more


Women’s name Daquan

open a women’s clothing store, is the dream of many people, want to open a shop, give the shop a loud name! Today, Xiaobian collected hundreds of women’s names, there must be a right for you! Friends who are interested to come and see!

1, easy to understand. The name is easy to make people think is a place to sell clothes.

read more


How to do a good job in home textile fabric store

open fabric home textile stores, you may not be able to ensure that every product is customer satisfaction, once the quality or other problems, the operator should be how to do a good job? Many franchisees do not know how to properly deal with this kind of problem, Xiaobian compiled some suggestions, I hope to help you.

open fabric home textile stores, in the quality of goods will have certain flaws. When we receive consumer complaints, it should be registered in the record, so that it can be a good analysis of what the product line is more problems, the next time to take the goods, you can avoid. From the source to kill the quality of the product flow through the shop, the credibility of the shops have a certain impact. This problem occurs, we should promptly return to consumers, to appease consumers should be placed in the first place. read more


A cosmetics franchise businesses how to do the whole Location

entrepreneurship selection is very important to the project, but the choice of a good business to join the project, the shop is also very important for the choice of location. Then, the operation of a cosmetics store business how to choose it?

first, the price is basically acceptable to the people of the category

high price, although dealers increased profit margins, but the market can not attract more slow buying groups, the market is not easy to expand, on the contrary, the price is low, the product promotion, terminal operation, distribution service cost is too high will dilute the profit for this price is the important factors to consider. As for the value of some products is not large, but the price is too high, it shows the mentality of the quick success of the manufacturers, the results of the market to be retribution. Encounter this kind of situation, hurriedly escape far. For the current economic situation, unless there is some big European and American products go high-end line, for a wider audience of ordinary consumers, high-grade, mid-range of cosmetics is quite in the market space, as long as that can function, brand can be trusted, most people do not use as the price is too high and hesitate, dealers will not while the backlog of many products, sales recovery of funds as soon as possible is very important for dealers. read more


Dining can let you go further

there is a saying is: if you want to go fast, you go alone; if you want to go far, you go with friends. Food and beverage industry is also the case, in order to long-term development, you must know how to seek partners in the peer, know how to develop in the competition.

food and beverage market is also accompanied by more challenges in the rapid development at the same time, no features not enough famous shop is difficult to survive, let your restaurants catering to join them to join it, you no longer, the restaurant has many brothers can take care of, not afraid of characteristics, not afraid of fame. Food and beverage business can join the restaurant business has a long history. read more