The Invisible Signs of Aging

first_imgby, Sarah Johnson, Managing EditorTweetShareShareEmail0 Shares [Image via Nordic Wiccan]Do you suffer from sudden-onset cronery?  Are you into mountain mastery?  Well, I hate to break it to you, but you might just be exhibiting (or not-exhibiting?) an invisible sign of aging. There’s a longer list compiled by the ever-clever Mallory Ortberg at The Toast, but here are a few of my favorites:Secret river awarenessMoral bankruptcyNight independenceDreams of murders that happen the next day in real lifeFires immediately go out when you enter the roomSudden-onset croneryIncreased levels of both whimsy and maliceRedefined beautyPoisonously afraid of a fresh shock of wheat or a handsome young priestIt’s tongue-in-cheek, and drawn from (as far as I can tell) mainly Wiccan and folklore references.Take a peek at the list and share – what are some of your invisible signs of aging? Related PostsGrade A Aging MojoI’ve always said that people who can look at aging sideways do the best job of understanding aging and the role it is meant to play in our lives. I have become acutely aware that the “direct frontal assault” on aging is never a good idea. That’s why I like…Restraining AgingAs children we welcomed the aging process excitedly, wondering when we would grow and what we would look like. We quickly lose this wonder as we become seduced by an anti-aging culture into disavowing, denying and resisting aging. We’re pressured to see aging as a villain to be stopped, to…Squeeze the Bad StuffNYT Columnist David Brooks goes a long way around the mulberry bush to express a simple idea. He writes… Years ago, people hoped that science could delay the onset of [sickness]. We would live longer, healthier lives and then die quickly. This is not happening. Most of us will still…TweetShareShareEmail0 SharesTags: crone Elderslast_img read more